Hire Blake to perform for your event either on stage or up close. He will work with his partner Jana to put on a show your audience will never forget. The show includes lots of audience participation and will leave your guests questioning if magic is actually real. Blake’s close-up sleight of hand magic is also the best in the world. If you have him walk around your event, you will witness playing cards flying from hand to hand and things happening right under your nose that you would swear is absolutely impossible.



Real life CGI. Blake has worked behind the scenes creating custom magic for David Copperfield, David Blaine, and other top magicians all over the world. Using magic techniques, Blake can make it possible for a film production crew to film things “in camera” that they thought had to be CGI and green-screen. All of the magic you see Paul Rudd perform in Marvel’s Ant Man and the Wasp was actually performed by Paul because Blake taught him. Being able to have an actor perform something impossible… for real can save a movie production thousands of hours and dollars. Blake and Jana have worked together creating practical methods for accomplishing the most impossible visual effects.


Creating & Inventing:

Blake and Jana have created custom “magical” things for music artists and corporate advertising campaigns. They have worked with Kanye West, Pharell Williams, Avicci, Marvel, State Farm, Chevy, Fruit of the Loom and many more. They use their experience creating visually impossible things to add magic to anything and everything in the world. If you would like to add a moment of magic and wonder to ANYthing you are working on, they can do it.


Complete Resume:

-Antman 2, on screen acting and magic consultant.

-Late Late Show with James Corden, magic appearance.

-Smoke & Mirrors Live Magic Show National 16 city tour, iPic Theaters.

-The Amazing Magicians, China, Magic Competition show, two episodes.

-The Magicians Season 2, SciFy Network, magic consultant for live/immersive launch event.

-The Today Show, magic appearance.

-Chevy Car Marketing Campaign, magic consultant.

-AGT Season 11 Semifinalist.

-Disney's "Magic Camp” movie, magic consultant.

-Nerd Wallet Commercial, magic consultant, on screen talent.

-Penn & Teller "Fool Us", on screen competitor.

-Fox's New Year's Eve Special, on screen magic talent.

-Wizard Wars, on screen competitor one episode.

-Now You See Me 2, magic consultant.

-Now You See Me, magic consultant/acting cameo.

-Cover of MAGIC Magazine September Issue 2014.

-David Copperfield live stage show, magic consultant.

-David Blaine Real or Magic ABC Special, magic consultant.

-Pharrell Williams, pre-production live tour magic consultant.

-Kanye West, pre-production Yeezus Tour magic consultant.

-Avicii, music festival, stage illusion design magic consultant.

-Carrie live musical magic consultant.

-Antman, Marvel movie, magic/script consultant pre-production.

-Mission Impossible 5, magic/script consultant pre-production.

-The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, magic consultant.

-"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" magic consultant and actor for magic segment.

-James Galea / Commbank magic consultant 4 commercials in Australia.

-Zach Mirza Canadian magic television show, magic consultant.

-Breaking Magic discovery channel magic consultant.

-Believe on NBC, magic consultant.

-Band of Magicians live touring stage show, magic consultant.

-The Illusionists live touring stage show, magic consultant.

-State Farm Insurance Commercial, magic consultant and actor.

-Troy, Season 2, magic consultant.

-Dynamo Magician Impossible, Season 3, magic consultant.

-White Magic, Travel Channel Magic Special, Head of Magic.

-"Don't Trust Andrew Mayne" magic show on A&E, magic consultant.

-Justin Willman, “Full Of It” live tour, magic consultant.

-Justin Willman, Comedy Central Special, head magic consultant.

-Mat Franco 2 ABC Magic Specials, magic consultant.